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Drama Appreciation Post → Medical Departments

tvbcraze Asked:
Can't believe I just found your blog :) its amazing! Followed! Check out my blog too? And may be follow :)

My answer:

aww thank you! And of course ^_^

Onion & Che Che’s theme <3
I still feel a little sad listening to this:(
I was hoping there would be some sort of miracle and Che Che would live but she didn’t…keep staying strong and amaze us with your positive energy, Che Che!

"Leader! *points to Jennifer* ” - Kwong Nam

Ben and Mei Suet looking at each other and end up laughing

"Not only in Seoul, even in Hong Kong there would be someone who holds you and take care of you" - Tze Yan


望著你呼吸輕輕的加快了 脈搏也會缺少
做密友只可天天開心笑笑 沒法變最重要
但抱歉我那次人實在亂了 做錯了更改不了
令到你對我誤會大了 內疚了可知曉

Hoo 想一天張開雙眼床前問句好
Hoo 想一天分針倒退重頭再遇到

沒法似最初的無謂事盡訴 便替你祝福禱告
望見你今天願望達到 會暗裡說聲好

Hoo 想一天拋開一切隨時待你好
Hoo 想一天簡單跟你無聊跳著舞

從頭再遇到 隨時跳著舞
Darling I miss you
Darling I love you

beautiful brides of bounty lady

If you're here for TVB related stuff, you've come to the right place :)

Nathan Ngai, Leo Lee, Joey Law ❤

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